Air quality investigation

I’m proud to be involved with a Pittsburgh Media Partnership group publishing an ongoing series on regional air quality and mis/disinformation. My two-month investigation of grassroots science methodology came out last week via Ambridge Connection and The Incline. Check it out for an overview of how locals keep watch over industrial polluters and the limitations…


Ten years after I wrote the first draft and 23 rejections later, my microfiction “Paint” is out in the world thanks to New South. This story draws on art handling, spelunking and paint colors to trace the edges of personal loss. I’m really excited it’s published, and I hope you enjoy it!


It’s been a banner year for trying new things, and that includes my first publication of a poem since college. Said poem is “Sanguine,” a reflection on caring for someone else. It’s available for you to read on Medicine and Meaning, a really unique publication from the University of Arkansas that focuses on medical creative…

The Incline

I’ve officially started a new professional chapter—I’m fully entering online journalism as local director of The Incline newsletter. From Tuesday–Friday, The Incline delivers a digest of Pittsburgh news interspersed with in-depth local coverage and event listings. If you’re a City of Bridges resident, by all means subscribe and/or put your event on our calendar!


Bandcamp is my favorite way to enjoy music, and I’m thrilled to share my first contribution to Bandcamp Daily. Dip your toes into the murky, fecund waters of Dutch black metal with me! This article resulted from careful selection of bands and several interviews (as well as personal interest, because these albums all rip).

“What I Found…” out now

My latest short story, “What I Found Surveying a Well Site in Greene County,” is out among many other talented artists’ work in the latest Northern Appalachia Review. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to publish such a regionally specific story in this regionally specific journal! The latest edition is available for purchase through Sunbury…


Welcome! I made this site to keep my art, writing, and other projects all in one place. Thanks for visiting. I’ve been working in arts education for a decade. I’ve been making art my whole life. Whether it’s fiction writing, music criticism, book reviews, or poetry, I love using words to synthesize ideas. I’ve published…

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