Air quality investigation

I’m proud to be involved with a Pittsburgh Media Partnership group publishing an ongoing series on regional air quality and mis/disinformation. My two-month investigation of grassroots science methodology came out last week via Ambridge Connection and The Incline. Check it out for an overview of how locals keep watch over industrial polluters and the limitations…


Ten years after I wrote the first draft and 23 rejections later, my microfiction “Paint” is out in the world thanks to New South. This story draws on art handling, spelunking and paint colors to trace the edges of personal loss. I’m really excited it’s published, and I hope you enjoy it!


It’s been a banner year for trying new things, and that includes my first publication of a poem since college. Said poem is “Sanguine,” a reflection on caring for someone else. It’s available for you to read on Medicine and Meaning, a really unique publication from the University of Arkansas that focuses on medical creative…